7 Surprising ways you can use KS lube for in your daily life!

Think lubricants are used just for sex? Hell no! Lubricants are a useful multi-use product that belongs in your everyday bag. Here are some ways you can use it during exercise, romantic session, or even after a shopping experience: 

1) For exercise 💪

Put Karma Suitya lube on your nipples and thighs during a workout to prevent rashes. Anti-chafing is a big issue for dancers, runners and cyclists. 

2) Remove jewelry 💍 

Got accessories and jewelry that you want to remove but is stuck or tangled? Say no more, pump Karma Suitya lube on the area, rub on the area and pull. It will come off super easily. If tangled, the lubricant will loosen up the knot. 

3) Prevent blisters 👞👠

New leather shoes and heels don't have to hurt your precious feet! Simply put some product at the edge where you usually get blisters to prevent abrasion. Yas, wear your shoes and strut like Naomi Campbell!

4) Massage lotion 💖

Trying to seduce your lover but ran out of massage oil? Lather on Karma Suitya luxe lubricant, it has a sensual vanilla scent that will arouse your partner. Plus, the vitamin-E will moisturize the skin. A win-win situation!

Three extra ideas just coz we like you!

5) Skin moisturizer 💦

The 2-in-1 formula was designed for people with busy lifestyles in mind. The vitamin-E will work its magic.

6) Shaving gel 👨

It does the trick! Put Karma Suitya product on the area to shave and wipe the excess with tissue paper without adding water.

7) Inside the condom 🍆
Want to increase sensitivity while using a condom? Pump a few drops inside the condom for extra feels! It will boost pleasure and sensation.

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